Hello! Welcome!


You've made it to our temporary home page while we fix things like 'spelling mistakes' and 'css'.

If you are here for the first time then you've reached the place where dreams on true! Well....in terms of SIP phones that is. We support a wide variety of SIP phones to auto-provision on any platform (not use FreePBX or Blue.Box)

I always thought it'd be nice to have a system where you could provision any and all phones for free and completely platform independent (no it does not require FreePBX [common misconception])

In fact we even have our own hosted system that doesn't require the use of Freeswitch or FreePBX or anything......Well, we will if I ever get it finished ;-)

For now you can checkout our repo: At Github

All services are still fully operational.
It's just a cosmetics thing and in this high paced world our website didn't feel as pretty as it wanted to. But don't worry this site will be back someday in full form.